Early one morning from my balcony, I saw a massive container ship greeted by two tugboats arrive in the San Francisco Bay. A line of dotted lights were all I could see in the dawn, and that image, which I captured with my camera, became the unifying visual element for my show, A Change in Light.

Like other artists I work from photographs I take. As my show started to take shape, I realized that each of my paintings dwells in a “positive exposure” and that I should examine the “negative exposure” of each image as well. This study has opened up a whole range of possibilities on how I see and explore light.

While working on these pieces, I found myself listening to a variety of jazz instrumentals, which mirrored my meditation on light so well, in fact, that I decided to name each painting after one of those instrumentals. Music has always informed my work, and my objective with my show is to demonstrate how light, negative or positive, can play a melody across a painting.